Shax’s War (Brimstone Book 3)

By: Angel Martinez
Narrated by: Vance Bastian
Series: Brimstone, Book 4
Length: 4 hrs and 30 mins

The boys desperately need a vacation. With the not-quite-ill-gotten gains from the Frog incident, Shax takes the Brimstone’s crew to the exclusive resort planet, Opal, for some much needed rest and relaxation. The resort has everything a demon prince and his crew could want, but an incident on the Trauma Ball court sends Ness stalking off in anger and sends events swiftly spiraling out of control.

Shax will need every bit of his cunning and his legendary luck to save his Ness as he’s drawn into a web of criminal experiments and…pink hedgehogs?

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The narration, again, was fantastic. I’m really amazed by how the narrator manage to give voice to such big number of different characters and everyone was so easily identify. I’m absolutely in love with the way he is narrating the story.
— Audible Reviewer

The audio quality is excellent and his narration first class, but because his voice is like a duvet made of honey and gossamer, seducing your ears, it almost upstages the book.
— Amazon Reviewer